Irene and Tzuyu sharing the same frame, SM’s beauty “overwhelms”

Tzuyu’s beauty seems to be somewhat inferior to the visual goddess of the 3rd generation Kpop – Irene.

The photo captured the moment when Irene (Red Velvet) and Tzuyu (TWICE) stood on the same stage in a music event suddenly became the center of discussion on many forums. This was the stage of KBS Gayo Daechukje 2019 that Irene took on the role of MC. The two top visuals of the 3rd generation K-pop had a beauty contest in the same frame. Irene undeniably stood out with her perfect angle, smooth porcelain skin, and attractive body curves. However, Tzuyu was somewhat inferior when with her round face, less elegant than SM‘s beauty.

Irene and Tzuyu sharing the same frame, SM's beauty "overwhelms"

Netizens mostly left comments praising Irene‘s beauty. Some netizens even asserted that Irene‘s beauty completely surpassed Tzuyu‘s: “Maybe it’s because of the light and angle, but Irene is the best”, “Irene definitely won”, “Irene’s face must be acknowledged. As for personality, I don’t like it”, “I really like Irene’s beauty but I can’t stand her personality”, “Irene is so pretty”…

However, Tzuyu‘s fans objected that this photo had somewhat downgraded Tzuyu‘s beauty. The main character of the picture was Irene so it was not fair to compare the two beauties.

There’s no doubt that Irene is the most beautiful idol in the 3rd generation Kpop. The female has been praised by surgeons for possessing the golden ratio, which is the model ratio that many girls want to imitate the most when they go to the plastic surgery hospital. The leader of Red Velvet has beautiful features that the netizens love such as white skin, delicate V-line chin, high nose, and big round double eyelids. After the power abuse scandal, Irene is preparing to make a comeback with Red Velvet and immediately attracts attention thanks to her classy visuals in a series of teaser photos.

Irene and Tzuyu sharing the same frame, SM's beauty "overwhelms"
Irene and Tzuyu sharing the same frame, SM's beauty "overwhelms"

Meanwhile, Tzuyu is the top visual of JYP Entertainment. The Taiwanese female idol has big round eyes, pure beauty, and a bit of sadness. She is often likened to the beauty of Hong Kong in the 90s. Tzuyu also has an outstanding height and standard body proportions like a real-life Barbie doll with a slim waist, long legs.

Irene and Tzuyu sharing the same frame, SM's beauty "overwhelms"

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