BTS V shows endless love for sick Yeontan, “You are my everything”

The affection BTS member V expresses for his dog, Yeontan, seems to have no limit. 

On January 15th, BTS V posted two videos on SNS. In one of the released videos, V could be seen with his dog Yeontan. V was holding Yeontan in his arms and looked at the camera deeply.

Along with this, V added the song “Everything” released by The Black Skirts in May 2017 as background music. 


Meanwhile, the lyrics of “EVERYTHING” seems to depict V’s deep affection for Yeontan, saying, “You are my everything, You are my summer and my dream. You are my everything, I’ll take you as you are.”

The other video shows Yeontan walking around the house, with EXO D.O.’s 2019 song “That’s okay” playing in the background. 

On the other hand, V adopted Yeontan, a Black Tan Pomeranian, in 2017. Before V adopted Yeontan, the anecdote about how he sought out trainer Kang Hyung Wook and received counseling to become a good owner garnered a lot of attention.

Since then, V has occasionally introduced his daily life with Yeontan. In the past, V also revealed a picture of him kissing Yeontan.

However, nowadays, V is having a hard time because Yeontan is not feeling well.

In an interview with magazine GQ Korea in December 2021, V was asked to write a thank-you card for the year-end, and said he wanted to dedicate it to Yeontan. 


At the same time, V confessed, “Tani (nickname of Yeontan) has suffered. His health has been very poor since he was born. He has a small airway, so he can’t breathe well. If he runs for a while, he faints, so he underwent surgery twice this year, but both failed. Now I have no choice but let him endure it to some extent with medicine.”

The male idol also added, “I want to write to Tani, ‘Thank you so much for enduring, enduring, and staying alive despite the hardships. I hope we can make fun memories together for the rest of our life, and I want to see an adult Tan.'”

V’s love for his dog Yeontan is so deep that it is impossible to see the end.

Source: Nate

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