A tvN drama exploded rumors as soon as it started airing…The production team finally spoke up

On Jan 16th, Hyun Woo Jin posted a screenshot on his Instagram story with the caption “Twitter is also science… I think this person is writing a diary-like novel because they don’t have a real life“.

Crash Course in Romance Hyun woo jin

In the screenshot, a netizen claimed in relation to tvN’s drama “Crash Course in Romance”, “Hyun Woo Jin advised (the drama). But the funny thing is that when the production team first asked him for advice, he refused. However, because Jung Kyung Ho played the role, he said he would do it.

Hyun Woo Jin added, “In the future, I’ll never provide my advice, inquiries and share my experience in any case that is not related to my classes. I had a good time, but in the end, Internet trash broke my will. Of course, there will be no television appearances from me in the future.

Crash Course in Romance Hyun woo jin

As the controversy erupted, on Jan 16th, tvN announced their official position. tvN explained, “‘Crash Course in Romance’ received help by interviewing various academy staff and instructors before going into full-fledged production, including casting and filming. Instructor Hyun Woo Jin also helped us through interviews despite his busy schedule.

They then drew a line, “The rumors that are being spread by some people are groundless. They are not related to the production team.

Crash Course in Romance

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Crash Course in Romance” follows the bittersweet relationship between a banchan shop owner who belatedly enters the war of Korea’s college entrance exams and a top hagwon instructor.

Actor Jung Kyung Ho plays math instructor Choi Chi Yeol while Jeon Do Yeon plays Nam Haeng Sun, a former national athlete and a banchan shop owner.

“Crash Course in Romance”, which premiered on Jan 14th, is gaining popularity. It ranked first in the same time zone, including terrestrial channels, by recording a viewership rating of 4% for the first episode and 5.8% for the second episode (provided by Nielsen Korea).

Hyun Woo-jin

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