Chaeyoung (TWICE) left fans speechless with her unexpectedly bold charm 

Her new charm received positive reactions from fans for this brand new image. 

On the morning of the 17th, Chaeyoung posted several recent photos of her wearing fashion brand products on Instagram for promotion while showing a new side of herself. 

Twice Chaeyoung
Twice Chaeyoung

In the picture, Chaeyoung wore a black oversized padded jacket with white innerwear, socks, and sneakers. Upon seeing the post, her fans, especially those from overseas, were left speechless and responded enthusiastically to Chaeyoung for showing this alluring image of the idol. 

Twice Chaeyoung

Earlier, Chaeyoung appeared in a pictorial with fashion magazine GQ Korea where she was dressed in unique costumes and struck various poses, revealing never-seen-before tattoos. 

Ever since their SNS’ opening, TWICE has been actively keeping in touch with their fans online and showing new aspects of themselves individually. 

Twice Chaeyoung

TWICE will release its pre-released English single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” at 2 p.m. (0:00 U.S. Eastern Time) on the 20th to start their 2023. 

“MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” is gaining major attention as it is the first original English single release after more than a year since their first English release in October 2021. In March, the group is set to release their 12th EP containing “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE.”

Source: wikitree

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