Jo Kwon joins the criticism targeting a senior who also used to be an idol

Jo Kwon is drawing keen attention with his unusual move in the music industry.

On June 22nd, Jo Kwon posted on Twitter, “As a junior musical actor, I sympathize with the words of the seniors. I’m cheering on you. I support and love you all.” He attached the hashtags #I’m joining you and #Musical actress Jung Sun-ah to his post.

Jo Kwon

The words of the seniors” mentioned by Jo Kwon refer to the statement of first-generation musical artists, which was released on the same day.  

Earlier, musical actors Nam Kyung-joo, Choi Jung-won together with actress/musical actress/ director/ music director Park Kolleen released a statement called “An appeal to all people in musical industry” to criticize Ok Joo-hyun.

Jo Kwon

In the statement, they said, “Many people, including actors, staff and production producers, who love musical and work in musicals feel sorry and be responsible regarding the recent complaint case in the musical industry. In particular, as musical actors of the first generation, we can’t help but feel more heartbroken.

They continued, “Until musicals can fully greet the audience, we are creating lots of processes together”, adding, “Every one of us, who is working hard on them, has the right to which we must follow our own position and work”. They emphasized, “Actors should focus on acting, not violating the production company’s rights, such as casting. The staff should treat all actors equally just for the convenience of some actors. Also, production companies must do their best to keep their promises to the staff and actors they work with.

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They also said, “We think this current situation was caused because these principles have been broken. We feel the responsibility as seniors who have been on the sidelines in this situation. Our seniors will no longer watch to fully protect the musical stage that has continued for decades despite difficulties. If there are unfairness and disadvantages in the entire process of performing musicals, we will face it and work together to change it properly”.

In other words, this statement pointed out that actors should not violate the rights of production companies, such as casting. It is because there were suspicions that Lee Ji-hye was cast as the main character in the fifth season of “Elizabeth” because she was close to Ok Joo-hyun.

Ock Joo hyun

Jo Kwon made his Twitter post to express his willingness to sympathize with the actors who criticized Ok Joo-hyun. Singer/musical actor Jo Kwon is a member of the idol group 2AM, which debuted in 2008. Ok Joo-hyun is also a singer and musical actress. She debuted as a member of the idol group Fin.K.L in 1998. Jo Kwon is 10 years younger than OK Joo-hyun. In the popular music industry, it is unusual for a junior from an idol group to publicly criticize a senior who is also a former idol.

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Source: wikitree

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