The contrasting love life of 2 “All About Eve” actresses Chae Rim and Kim So Yeon: 2 failed marriages vs meeting soulmate at age 37

Over 2 decades ago, “All About Eve”, which boasted a major cast including Chae Rim and Kim So Yeon, drew huge attention from the Korean public. 

The series revolved around the poor woman Young Mi (played by Kim So Yeon), who was always trying to improve her life, while being relentlessly trampled on by society.

Meanwhile, her opponent Sun Mi (played by Chae Rim) had both intelligence and beauty, was born to a kind and rich family, and had a person that loved her with all his heart (Jang Dong Gun). Compared to other Korean love stories, “All About Eve”’s ending was more open and not every character had a happy ending. 

Chae Rim and Kim So Yeon
The major cast of “All About Eve”

During its air, the series was extremely well-received in Korea, and even the main villain played by So Yeon had a huge number of supporters. It has been over 22 years, however, and now, life has spanned out differently for the two major actresses. 

Chae Rim – Single mother after 2 failed marriages

During the 2000s, Chae Rim was considered a spearheader for the Korean wave, especially in China and Taiwan. After divorcing famous singer Lee Seung Hwan, the actress fell for Gao Jiame after appearing in a Chinese TV show. 

Chae Rim Kim So Yeon
Chae Rim has experience 2 failed marriages

The couple then got married and gave birth to a son, leading to fans believing that Chae Rim was finally getting her happily ever after.

However, in 2019, Chae Rim moved back to Korea alongside her son, raising divorce rumors. In 2020, much to the regrets of fans and the public, the actress and Gao Jiame announced their separation.

Chae Rim Kim So Yeon
The actress now lives in Korea with her son

Ever since, the actress has been leading a quiet life as a single mother in Korea. She no longer participates in acting projects, and only appears on several talk shows from time to time. 

The once-top visual of Korea is also being accused of having done plastic surgery through her brief appearances.

Kim So Yeon – A late yet happy marriage 

At first, Kim So Yeon’s career couldn’t compare with Chae Rim. In addition, her sharp facial features severely limited So Yeon’s acting offers, resulting in the actress mostly assuming villainous characters.

Chae Rim Kim So Yeon
Kim So Yeon’s sharp appearance often leads to typecasting

As Kim So Yeon is highly focused on her career, it took her ages to find the love of her life. The actress announced her relationship with actor Lee Sang Woo in 2016, and married him 9 years later.  The couple, content with their happiness, still haven’t had any child despite anticipations from fans.

Now that Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo have been together for 6 years, they are still as deeply in love as ever. Lee Sang Woo, despite being a private man, often mentions his wife with the most adoring tone. He also sends support to every activity of his wife, and even appears as cameos in her works.

Chae Rim Kim So Yeon
Actor Lee Sang Woo is extremely supportive of his wife

Now in her 40s, Kim So Yeon is looking more gorgeous than ever, shining even amid younger actresses. 

The actress also achieves notable success, with her work “Penthouse” becoming a huge hit in Korea. Her character in the show even earned So Yeon the title of Best Leading Actress at the prestigious 2021 Baeksang Arts Award. 

Source: K14

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