Seolhyun lives like a happy unemployed who doesn’t have to earn money?

Idol-actress Seolhyun revealed that she was living an unemployed life voluntarily and taking 24 hours of rest everyday. 

On January 17th, Seolhyun appeared in a video uploaded to the YouTube channel Singles. The video was filmed during the 2022 Qatar World Cup season, and Seolhyun introduced her daily routine at the time.


According to Seolhyun, she watches every soccer game and goes to bed at 6 am. Afterwards, Seolhyun, who wakes up at 2:00 PM, replaces breakfast with sweet potatoes and coffee.

Seolhyun revealed her recent situation, saying, “After filming the drama ‘Summer Strike’ (Korean title: I Don’t Want To Do Anything), I haven’t really done anything.”


After the first meal, Seolhyun lay down until 6pm. From then until 9 o’clock is time for exercising. 

Seolhyun also explained about her leisurely daily life, saying, “There are days when I exercise and there are days when I climb. I go for a walk with my dog ​​every day.”


Seolhyun would eat before and after exercise, and until 1:00 AM of the next day, she would binge watch dramas, movies, and documentaries. Her hobbies include art classes and knitting, said the idol actress. 

Seolhyun also commented, “It’s the World Cup season, so I can’t control it well. I eat chicken, duck meat, pork belly, and tteokbokki while watching World Cup games. So, I’ve gained some weight lately. I am working out harder”.

Source: Nate 

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