Hyolyn’s “75-Minute” performance at university festivals, unprecedented sing-alongs and encore requests

Female solo artist Hyolyn, who debuted as a member of girl group SISTAR, is heating up the college scene in May.

Starting with Gimcheon University on the 10th, Hyolyn has made appearances at various university festivals, including Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pukyong National University, Dankook University’s Jukjeon Campus, Wonju University, and Korea University, showcasing her “stunning presence.”

While traveling around the country for this “university festival tour”, Hyolyn provided fan service tailored to each university, such as wearing the schools’ clothes or taking group photos, and relieved university students of their academic stress with high-quality live medleys.

In particular, Hyolyn delivered explosive energy on stage through performances of “Blue Moon”, “Say My Name”, “SEE SEA”, “Dally”, and SISTAR medley, among others. Her refreshing live singing and energetic performances, along with the students’ sing-alongs, created an atmosphere filled with the essence of youth.

The audience responded enthusiastically to Hyolyn’s entertaining and lively manners, reminiscent of fun, joy, and the “queen” from a high-teen movie. Particularly at Pohang University of Science and Technology, there was an overwhelming number of encore requests, turning the festival into a “solo concert” as Hyolyn performed for 75 minutes straight.

Furthermore, during her revisit to Korea University after about five years, Hyolyn delivered undying passion, showcasing a performance as hot as the university’s symbolic color. Especially, by spontaneously taking song requests from the audience and singing without accompaniment, she presented impromptu live performances at the university festivals. She even went down to the audience and sang together with them, further igniting the overall energy.


As a result, whenever Hyolyn appears, SNS are flooded with reactions such as “She rocked it again today”, “I chose my university just to see Hyolyn’s stage”, “I received good energy”, and “I hope she comes to my school too”,

With her trusted and impressive live performances, Hyolyn, who swept college festivals last year, continues to captivate them in 2023. She is scheduled to visit Busan Kyungsung University on the 25th, Dongguk University’s Gyeongju Campus on the 26th, and Konkuk University’s Global Campus on the 31st. In addition, she is expected to experience thrilling pleasure at various other festivals.

Source: Daum 

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