Despite her ageless visuals, this actress from “She Was Pretty” remained unpopular after 7 years

Actress Go Joon Hee, who played the second female lead of hit K-drama “She Was Pretty”, still looks extremely young in her 30s. 

In 2015, the hit K-drama “She Was Pretty” was all the rage across Asia, and managed to turn a lot of its cast into stars. Actress Go Joon Hee, who played the second female lead Min Ha Ri, also gained ample attention, and was even said to have completely outshone Hwang Jung Eum, the lead actress. With her gorgeous visuals, acting talents, and iconic fashion style, all eyes were on Joon Hee, and her pixie haircut even became a trend among Koreans. In fact, “Min Ha Ri style” was such a popular thing, you’d catch people on the street with the same hairstyle, wearing the same black choker and an off-shoulder top. And yet, 7 years after the series, Go Joon Hee still remained an unknown name on the K-drama map. 

Go Joon Hee

At the moment, this previous star of “She Was Pretty” is mostly focused on her modeling career, often sharing pictures of her commercial deals and variety show appearances. Still, there’s one thing that remained stable over time: the actress’s youthful beauty. Via her recent photos, it’s impossible to tell Joon Hee’s real age. 

With such gorgeous features, Goo Joon Hee’s lack of acting projects is truly a mystery.  Having hit big with “She Was Pretty”, the actress only appeared in two series over the course of 7 years. However, these K-dramas, called “Untouchable” and “Possessed”,  both failed miserably with disappointing ratings. 

Go Joon Hee
Go Joon Hee
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