Goo Hye-sun shocked netizens with her new update of becoming a model and director for underwear advertisements

“All-round celebrity” Goo Hye-sun will challenge another new field.

Goo Hye-sun recently became an advertising model for TRY, the flagship brand of the famous Korean underwear company Ssang Bang Wool. She also took charge of directing TV CFs.

Goo Hye-sun

TRY said, “We selected Goo Hye-sun as her passion and challenging spirit as an actress and director matches with the direction that our brand pursues”.

Goo Hye-sun

Goo Hye-sun reportedly organized and proposed an advertising scenario herself for this project. Through TRY’s commercial ads, she is expected to express an escape from the frustration and discomfort of normal underwear and capture the relaxation and freedom of wearing TRY underwear.

Goo Hye-sun

Ssang Bang Wool explained, “As the strong impression of Lee Deok-hwa’s ‘elevator’ advertisement introduced in the 1990s is still being talked about, we can also expect a different image transformation of TRY through this advertisement project”, adding, “We will present a work that emphasizes the freedom and comfort of TRY’s products with a unique, dreamy and emotional video that utilizes director Goo Hye-sun’s sense”

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