Taeyeon expressed “2017 is a tough year” while congratulating her dog’s birthday

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon congratulated her dog Zero’s birthday and talked about her difficult past.

Today (August 20th) Taeyeon announced Zero’s 3rd birthday through her dog’s Instagram account. She posted 10 photos taken with Zero, wrote a long heartfelt message of congratulation, saying, “My Zero came to me when I was in the hardest time in 2017.”

Taeyeon also expressed her love for Zero saying “When it was so difficult for me to manage and control myself, Zero gave me the feeling that it was a very important responsibility. Thanks to him I have endured so well and lived day by day. I wish Zero will have the happiest and most satisfied time when he’s with me.”

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Zero, who became a family member of Taeyeon three years ago, caught the attention of many fans with his cute appearance. Currently, Zero’s Instagram account has about 370,000 followers, which is very popular. In addition, the ‘Zero Edition’, which was recently released in collaboration with Zero by a fashion brand, was ‘completely sold out’ in one day attracting many attentions.

Sources: Nate

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