IU shares, “How can there be UAENA in France? When I heard fans shout my name at Cannes, I thought it was a prank cam”

IU said she was touched when she saw many fans in Cannes.

On June 22nd, a video titled “Bonjour! Vlog from Festival de Cannes” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of IU. The video shows IU completing her schedule and attending the 75th Cannes Film Festival.


In the video, IU shared, “I arrived at Cannes after 24 hours”, adding, “These are, surprisingly, natural eye-bags. I had them since I was 7 years old. I heard salmon is good for eye-bags so I tried salmon cream, salmon face mask, green tea, and everything but it got darker over time.”


She continued, “ I saw a huge number of fans waiting at the airport. That was really amazing. How can there be UAENA in France? Should I call them Cannes UAENA? I was exhausted but I felt really happy”.


IU added, “It was such a hectic schedule but a lot of fans came so I gave them my autograph. I tried to get as close as I can and talk to them. It’s too bad I couldn’t meet all of them.”

She expressed her gratitude to fans, saying “UAENA seemed so delighted so I’m also happy. I think they are very proud of the fact that I got invited to Cannes. Also, my fans were quite satisfied with the dress, make-up, and hairstyle I wore today. It’s the best for me if my fans like it. So I think that’s the biggest reward”.


Lastly, she confessed, “My fans were crying ‘IU IU’ at Cannes and I thought it was a prank cam. How do I have fans in France? I think that was more impressive than the red carpet. Everything that happened today feels like a dream.”

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