Girls’ Generation’s Yoona talks “Confidential Assignment 2”, acting with Hyun Bin, teases Part 3, and more

Yoona answered questions about her latest movie, “Confidential Assignment 2: International”. 

In an interview with Wikitree on September 6th, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona talked about various things related to the new movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International.”

On this day, Yoona was asked what had the biggest influence on her appearance in “Confidential Assignment 2: International”. She said the cast of “Confidential Assignment” is like family members, so it would be meaningful if they all appeared in the sequel. 

Son Ye Jin, who is close to Yoona, got married to Hyun Bin in March. So, Yoona was asked if there was a burden for her to act in a love line with Hyun Bin, her close friend’s husband.

Yoona said, “I didn’t feel any pressure because Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin’s character name) didn’t become a husband when we were filming yet. I didn’t think much about that because their relationship in the first movie was maintained.”

Yoona said she would like to see more growth of her character Min Young if “Confidential Assignment 3” were produced. She said, “I think it’s important for Min Young to grow. She joined the cooperative investigation this time and experienced it a little. So, if there is a 3rd movie, I hope Min Young develops her abilities and properly participates in the investigation.” 

When asked if she had any greed for romance with Hyun Bin’s character Chul Ryung, Yoona said, “I think it would be nice if their relationship grew one step further. I wish there was a part in the second movie that gives a signal about that for the third movie.”

“Confidential Assignment 2: International” follows North Korean detective Lim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin), South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin) as they reunite in an unpredictable cooperation investigation to catch a global criminal organization. The two are joined by FBI agent Jack (Daniel Henney). The movie will be released in theaters on September 7th.

Source: wikitree

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