Kim Tae Ri wished for the endless success of “Revenant” during the filming of firework scene

Actress Kim Tae Ri made a wish that the drama “Revenant” would be successful endlessly.

On August 1st, the Youtube channel “SBS Catch” uploaded a new making video showing the last filming of “Revenant”.

Portraying her character gradually losing her eyesight in the last episode of “Revenant”, Kim Tae Ri showcased her thoroughness carefully coordinating her movements with co-star Hong Kyung during the rehearsal.

kim tae ri revenant
kim tae ri revenant

For the last scene with fireworks, props were mobilized on a large scale. Seeing that, Kim Tae Ri said, “Can I make like 10 wishes?”, drawing laughter from the staff. She added, “I’ll wish for the endless success of ‘Revenant’”.

kim tae ri revenant

Jin Sun Kyu, who contributed more than just a special appearance, also joined the last filming of “Revenant”. Receiving a bouquet of flowers as a gift from the staff after completing his shoot, the actor shared, “Thank you. You guys worked hard”.

Meanwhile, “Revenant” is a Korean-style occult mystery drama that tells about a woman who is possessed by a devil and a man who can see the devil. It ended on July 29th and achieved the highest viewer rating record of 11.2%.

Source: Daum

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