The differences in Song Ji-hyo’s old and new Instagram photos make netizens believe she changed her SNS administrator

Netizens are loving the recent “glow up” of Song Ji-hyo’s Instagram photos. 

On March 10th, a post on online community Theqoo comparing Song Ji-hyo‘s past Instagram photos with her recent ones drew netizens’ attention. In the past, the photos posted on her account either looked like they were cut off, taken out of focus, or had unflattering filters. Meanwhile, her recent photos are all surprisingly well-taken and well-edited, perfectly showing Song Ji-hyo’s gorgeous visuals. 

Netizens believe Song Ji Hyo’s agency has changed the admin of her Instagram account and praise their good work. Some comments left under the post are, “Her agency is finally working”, “It seems like they got a professional in charge of taking her photos now”, “The SNS admin knows what they’re doing”, “The new admin is doing a great job”.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo recently caught the attention because she was the only Running Man member who tested negative for Covid-19 even though she has not been vaccinated.

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