The SNS post of these two “Young Lady and Gentleman” actors surprised the viewers, “Next time, let’s meet as real siblings”

Actors Ji Hyun-woo and Park Ha-na of KBS2’s “Young Lady and Gentleman” are drawing attention by showing their real-life chemistry which is opposite from that in the drama.

On March 15th, Park Ha-na uploaded a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “I love you when I’m sad. Next time, let’s meet as real siblings for once”. The released photo showed Park Ha-na posing next to Ji Hyun-woo with a friendly atmosphere at a place that appears to be the filming set. 

Ji Hyun-woo Park Ha-na

Unlike their relationship in the drama, the two showed off their brother-sister chemistry in real life, catching the eyes of netizens with their bright smiles. The actress also amazed fans with her small face, distinctive facial features, and superior visual.

On the same day, Park Ha-na also delivered her final greeting before the drama ends, saying, “It was such an honor. See you again. This is an early farewell”.

Park Ha-na

Immediately after Park Ha-na uploaded the photo on her Instagram, SNS users commented, “Both of you did a great job”, “It’s so sad to say goodbye. I hope they can meet each other more happily next time”, “You have done a great job”, “You two should play a romance”, “Your acting was the best”, etc.

Park Ha-na plays the role of Jo Sa-ra in “Young Lady and Gentleman” and has shown enthusiastic performances. In the recent broadcast, Kang Eun-tak was pregnant but she told a lie saying the child was Ji Hyun-tak’s, causing the viewers’ outrage.

gentleman and lady

Meanwhile, “Young Lady and Gentleman” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 P.M. This drama will end on March 27th. 


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