Not Kim Tae-ri or Kim Se-jeong, but the actor who rose to No.1 in the list of most popular drama cast members in the 4th week of March is “this” person

tvN’s drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” ranked No.1 on both popularity charts for dramas and cast members in the 4th week of March.

Twenty Five Twenty One

According to Good Data Corporation’s survey announcement on March 29th, “Twenty-five Twenty-one” topped the list of most discussed dramas in the 4th week of March. It was followed by “Business Proposal”, “Young Lady and Gentleman”, “Forecasting Love and Weather”, and “Thirty Nine”.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri, the main character actors of “Tweny-five Tweny-one”, ranked No.1 and No.2, respectively, on the list of most popular cast members in the surveyed week. The two were followed by Kim Se-jeong, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Ji-yeon, Kim Min-kyu, Lee Se-hee, Seol In-ah, Kim Ha-neul, and Son Ye-jin.

Twenty-five Twenty-one” is a drama that tells about the wandering and growth of young people who lost their dreams due to the IMF crisis in 1998.

A Business Proposal

Twenty-five Twenty-one” is a work created by screenwriter Kwon Do-eun and director Jung Ji-hyun again. In this drama, Kim Tae-ri plays the role of Na Hee-do, a passionate and spiritful high school fencing athlete who did not give up despite her team being disbanded due to the IMF crisis. Nam Joo-hyuk stars as Baek Yi-jin, the eldest son of a family who became a sports reporter after living a tough life because the IMF made his family members scattered. 

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