Actress Lee Se Hee, who once surpassed 500 competitors, struggles to adopt a different image

Once the star of famous weekend K-drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, actress Lee Se Hee seems to still be stuck in her old role.

Is the acting of a 52-episode long-running weekend drama holding its cast members back? Actress Lee Se Hee, who became the main character of KBS2’s “Young Lady and Gentleman” after overcoming a 500 to 1 casting round, is now showing acting skills that fall below expectations in the KBS2 drama “Bad Prosecutor”, which is also her first time leading a mini-series.

First broadcast on October 5th, “Bad Prosecutor” is a rogue action investigation drama that breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power and the evil group living in it. Director Kim Seong Ho, who once imbued various social issues in the Netflix original drama “Move to Heaven”, is in charge of this new series.

In “Bad Prosecutor”, Lee Se Hee takes on the role of Shin Ah Ra, a senior prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office. Here, she takes off her youthful and steadfast image and transforms into a character with neat work handling and cool judgment. She has a senior-junior prosecutor relationship with  Jeong Jin (Do Kyung Soo).

Overall, Lee Se Hee received a lot of love for her previous work, “Young Lady and Gentlemen”, which recorded an amazing 38.2% in viewer ratings. At the press conference for “Bad Prosecutor”, she also said, “I wanted to play a role with as much charisma as the weight that comes from the profession of a prosecutor. There is also a comical side, and I wanted to show that part as well.”

According to director Kim Seong Ho, he casted Lee Se Hee after hearing about “Young Lady and Gentlemen”, saying, “Actually, I didn’t know Lee Se Hee, but I was looking for someone, and she was very popular in ‘Lady and Gentlemen’. I also watched her on entertainment shows, and she has an attractive personality.”

With the combination of Lee Se-hee, who rose as a rising star, and Do Kyung-soo’s return to the small screen after 4 years, the ‘real sword fight’ was expected even when the drama was still not aired yet.

The performances that were tolerated in weekend dramas and daily dramas, such as round eyes and exaggerated tone of voice, continued in the mini-series. Even though she had to show off her sharp charisma toward Do Kyung-soo, a junior prosecutor, her unnatural tone and behavior broke the drama’s immersion. It’s also awkward to see all the prosecutors in the criminal department shouting toasts together or apologizing for Do Kyung-soo’s rebellious behavior.

There was no natural feeling when Lee Se-hee played a fellow in emergency medicine who showed interest in Yang Jung-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) in “Wise Doctor Life Season 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Hospital Playlist 2”). This is reflected in the appearance of getting used to acting in weekend dramas while filming ‘Gentleman and Lady’ for a long time.

Expectations and concerns coexist over whether Lee Se-hee, who is not able to show her proper presence, will be able to take off her awkwardness and show a proper transformation.

Source: naver

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