Wise words of advice from YG to their trainees 

YG set great expectations for their trainees with wise words. 

As a top entertainment company in K-pop, YG Entertainment always prioritizes quality of their idols by laying out strict regulations that demand compliance ever since their training periods. After many years, YG amazed the public with thoughtful and meaningful advice through which they convey the set of expectations for the trainees. 

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Recently, the K-pop community passed around a photo of a board in the training room of Baby Monster, YG’s next girl group in training. In the note, founder Yang Hyun Suk wrote: “6 years of training already, do you plan to go home?”


G-Dragon (BIGBANG) also received the preaching by Yang Hyun Suk as he does with Baby Monster now. This is his wake-up call from him with hopes that the trainees would not give up mid-journey and strive to finish what they started. 

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In a television show, BIGBANG had the occasion to reflect back on many interesting stories. During this show, Daesung stated a wisdom: “Failing is not falling down but standing still where you fell”. Taeyang whimsically replied: “Sounds like you read this in the YG bathroom”. To this, fans were surprised to know YG also posted sticky notes in the bathroom as reminders for the trainees. 


In 2019, a set of rules that YG Entertainment trainees must follow was published on the Internet, and immediately drew attention for only having 2 rules. First, trainees must become a good person before becoming an artist, and all trainees have to bow 90 degrees whenever they meet older staff members of senior artists.


Second, the entertainment agency believes that there are gems that can’t shine even though they are in YG. There, whether to shine like a gem or to be a normal rock depends on the amount of effort trainees were willing to put out. For YG, the current level of skills of trainees are only worth 5 points. They have to practice hard to improve themselves, and can’t spend only 1 hours practicing and expect a 10-hour result. 


In addition, YG always comforts its trainees before the tough monthly evaluation. However, “people who lack effort and talent need to go home”, they also said. 


With such harsh training standards and rules, YG is known for being an agency that values talent and effort instead of appearances. As a result, no YG idol can be criticized as a “talentless visual”, and all artists from the company receive huge expectations when they debut.

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