Girls’ Generation Soo Young shows the moment she was stopped by a bodyguard while entering SM’s concert venue

Choi Soo Young, actress and Girls’ Generation member, looked back on 2022 and shared several pleasant moments.

On January 3rd, Choi Soo Young’s Youtube channel “the sootory” uploaded a new video titled “Unveiling all unreleased videos of Soo Young in 2022 to welcome the new year”.

The video compiled various hard-working moments of Choi Soo Young in the last year. Various activities were highlighted, such as filming drama “If You Wish Upon Me” with actor Ji Chang Wook and transforming herself with blonde hair for Girls’ Generation’s 15th-anniversary comeback promotion”. Soo Young also filmed the short drama “Fanletter Please”. 

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Turning on the camera in her car, Soo Young shared, “It’s my first recording and I’ve been up all night. I’m sorry. My members who are doing work and Soshi promotions and are practicing all night, then have to go to movie and drama filming. I used to think, ‘wow they really do it like that? You guys are pretty impressive’. But now I also became like that… I really respect our members.”

She continued, “At the filming set there are people in charge of things so I will sleep even if it’s only 30 minutes so I can look good as if I slept really well”, showing her professional side.


After taking a photoshoot with Ji Chang Wook, Soo Young went to join the SM Town concert.

As she was entering the venue, a bodyguard approached her and asked, “Hello… Where did you come from?”. The bodyguard didn’t recognize Soo Young. After introducing her name, Soo Young laughed and said, “They have to ask! It makes very sense”. 

Arriving at the waiting room, Soo Young told others, “I was coming in and the bodyguard asked me who I am”, drawing laughter. 


When SHINee Min Ho appeared, Soo Young introduced, “This is my little bro! Family Choi! The Choi family at SM!”. Min Ho responded, “But noona, you’re not SM anymore!”.

Soo Young recalled the past and said, “But what I can’t forget is when I went to SM a long time ago, Taeminie really shocked me. When I went into your practice room, Taeminie was shocked like he saw a ghost!”. Min Ho reacted, “Yeah, you are”, showing off their pleasant friendship.

Source: Nate

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