Seventeen S.Coups knelt down and apologized after accidentally throwing a water bottle at a fan

The reaction of Seventeen S.Coups to a fan who was hit by a water bottle he threw is drawing attention.

On June 26th, Seventeen held the Seoul concert on their 3rd world tour “BE THE SUN”. As the concert hall was filled with heat due to fans’ response, S.Coups approached the audience with a water bottle.

As if worried that fans would get hot, S.Coups sprinkled cool water towards the audience. At this time, the water bottle in S.Coups’ hand flew towards a fan in the audience.


S. Coups was so surprised that he could not keep his mouth shut and did not know what to do. At this time, S.Coups attracted attention by approaching the audience, where the water bottle flew away.

S.Coups knelt down and put his hands together to express his apologetic feelings to the fullest. Fortunately, the fan was not injured. S.Coups was worried as he asked the fan if she was okay.


After checking the fan’s condition, S.Coups calmed his pounding heart, got up and continued the performance.

The sudden action of S.Coups, who worried that fans might get hurt because of his mistake, is receiving a lot of response, saying it is so cute.

Meanwhile, Seventeen held a face-to-face concert for the first time in 2 years and 4 months and poured out the passion they had endured.

Starting with the title song “Hot” of the recently released 4th full-length album, Seventeen heated up the concert’s atmosphere by presenting spectacular stages such as “March”, “HIT”, “Rock with You” and “BOOMBOOM”.

Source: Insight

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