Jung Hae In also went to Water Bomb Seoul, revealed photo with beautiful model

A photo of actor Jung Hae In’s visit to the famous music festival Water Bomb was released.

Korean model Song Ga Ram recently published a photo on her personal Instagram with the caption: “No, you’re so handsome and you’re an angel who does all the fan services without getting annoyed, so I can’t help but post this photo on the feed.”

jung hae in

In the photo, Jung Hae In was wearing a white T-shirt while staring at the camera next to Song Ga Ram. The famous actor’s slightly wet T-shirt and toned body easily drew the public’s attention, and became a hot topic.

Water Bomb Seoul is considered Korea’s craziest music festival where the audience can attend water gun fights, pool parties, and enjoy fancy performances of top artists like CL, Jay Park, Sunmi, Zico, and many more. The event is also regarded as a 18+ festival with artists and audiences wearing sexy bikinis and vibing to heated performances. 

Jung Hae In, who previously starred in “One Spring Night”, “D.P”, and “Snowdrop”, easily makes a wide-discussed appearance at the festival. Currently, he’s preparing to film the second season of “D.P”, which received numerous critical acclaim.

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