Girls’ Generation and BLACKPINK to reportedly make full-group comebacks in August: Two “Kpop queens” will go head-to-head? 

August will be the hottest month of the year for Kpop fans if both Girls’ Generation and BLACKPINK return. 

On June 22, Daum reported that Girls’ Generation will return to the Kpop scene on August 8. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut, 8 members of the “nation’s girl group” are gearing up for a grand comeback that is receiving much anticipation from both fans and the public. 

Girls’ Generation will reportedly make a comeback on August 8, 3 days after their 15th anniversary 

SM Entertainment has yet to confirm this information, but fans are already getting ready for Girls’ Generation’s first full-group comeback in 5 years. Coincidentally, August 8 is an important day for another top Kpop girl group, BLACKPINK, as the YG girl group made their debut on August 8, 2016. 

blackpink rolling stone
Girls’ Generation’s upcoming comeback date overlaps with BLACKPINK’s 6th debut anniversary (photo: rollingstone)

On June 23rd, according to Korean media outlets, BLACKPINK will also make their long-awaited comeback this August. Previously, member Jisoo seemingly confirmed with fans that the group is preparing for an August comeback.


With two “Queens of Kpop”, Girls’ Generation and BLACKPINK, possibly having overlapping comebacks this August, many fans wonder if an intense competition between two powerful girl groups are about to happen. Will a “war” erupt between their fandoms, BLINKs and SONEs? 

Some netizens left comments:

  • BLACKPINK will eat. Why does SM deliberately want their girl groups to go up against BLACKPINK? From aespa to Girls’ Generation. 
  • Girls’ Generation will return on August 8 because there are 8 members. There is nothing to do with BLACKPINK’s anniversary. 
  • August is going to be intense. 
  • Comebacks from 2nd gen No.1 girl group and 3th gen No.1 girl group in the same month? Insane. 
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