After losing 14kg, Korean comedian feels sadness and gloom as her 40s approach

Korean comedian Lee Guk Joo revealed that she is feeling sadness and gloom despite losing 14kg of weight. 

On July 27th, Lee Guk Joo uploaded a mukbang video on her YouTube channel. As she ate chicken feet as the main menu, she also had steamed eggs, porridge, and other dishes on the side.

While eating, Lee Guk Joo explained the tears in her eyes, saying, “I’m crying not because I’m sad, but because it (the food) is spicy.”

Lee Guk-joo

The female comedian then mentioned recent changes in her mood, saying she got a new hairstyle at a hair salon, but even after getting a discount and spending around 200,000 won, she couldn’t find a place to go and ended up doing makeup without going anywhere.

Lee Guk-joo

Lee Guk Joo remarked, “When I turned thirty, it wasn’t that difficult. On the contrary, I felt more stable in my thirties than in my twenties because I was getting older, making some money.”

However, she expressed a bitter feeling, adding, “Now that I’m approaching my forties, it’s not menopause, but I feel some sadness and gloom. I often have thoughts like ‘Am I doing well?'”

Lee Guk-joo

After finishing the chicken feet, Lee Guk Joo made a resolution, “Everyone has their own worries. Don’t have thoughts like, ‘Why am I struggling so much?’ Instead, let’s overcome it, deal with age, and live diligently.”

On the other hand, Lee Guk Joo previously gained attention after losing 14kg in one year. 


Source: Naver

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