“I envy characters who don’t need makeup or diet”, girl group members discussed virtual idols

Several girl group members participating in Korea’s first virtual idol survival program expressed their candid feelings while on the show. 

At 9PM on January 2nd, Korea’s first virtual idol survival program “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” will have its premiere. On this unique show, 30 girl group members attempt to debut as a virtual idol, regardless of their debut year or past experience, all while hiding their identities in the real world. 

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When asked if there is any difference between activities in the real world and in the virtual world, the participating girl group members unanimously said that the moment they enter the virtual world W, they gain a bit more recklessness and courage.

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“Because I don’t need to reveal our real world identity in the virtual world, I feel free to do what I want to do. I have more courage than in the real world, and that’s another charm of the show”, a participant explained. 

Another member gave a realistic answer while laughing, “In the virtual world, we always have perfect visuals, I think that’s the most different compared to the real world. I envy virtual characters who do not need diet or makeup.”

“Even if they make mistakes, they are cute and lovable”, another contestant added. 

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During filming, the production team hides the identities of participating girl group members in a veil, making the recording site look like an intelligence agency. 

Meanwhile, the girls found the program fresh and fun. One even confessed that since she has a unique tone, she changed her tone while singing on the show. “I haven’t been caught yet, but I’m being more careful because I also said my real name during my introduction,” she added. 

When asked about what they think are the charms of this program, a member called it “a bold idol entertainment show”, citing the fact that identities are completely hidden. 

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Another answered, “As a girl group, there are some rather harsh(?) words and actions thrown around, and sometimes there are arguments. Along with this, you will be able to enjoy the warm friendship between girls.”

Nevertheless, the participants said that while it was awkward at first not knowing everyone’s real name and face, they were able to approach each other comfortably like friends.

girls reverse

“GIRL’S RE:VERSE” in which 30 real-world K-pop girl group members compete for a chance to debut as idols in a virtual world. The contestants are expected to compete fiercely to become the final 5 debut members, showing off their dancing and singing skills as well as their talent and charm as stars through new virtual characters while completely hiding their identities in the real world.

Source: Daum 

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