Kim Jong Kook surprisingly mentions his ex-girlfriend on “Running Man”

Singer Kim Jong Kook is attracting attention by making a surprise mention of his ex-girlfriend.

On the August 20th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man“, the members moved around to check if fish were caught in a pre-set trap.

running man

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Jong Kook expressed curiosity, asking if there would be anything left for him to be nagged about by his future wife aside from exercise. In response, Jeon So Min transformed into his virtual wife and enacted a fictional scenario. She scolded Kim Jong Kook, saying he should change his pants and not wear the same ones all the time. Kim Jong Kook then mentioned that he uses a towel for a long time and even dries it to reuse. When Jeon So Min suggested he wash the towel after use, he argued that it would waste water, detergent, electricity and claimed that drying them in the sunlight removes any odor.

running man

Jeon So Min continued, “Your body smells like towels while sleeping.” Kim Jong Kook surprised everyone by saying “Does it smell? Do you hate this?” and hugging her. He admitted that exercise is a point of contention in relationships. When asked how he would react if his wife asked to have non-exercise days, he was ambivalent, emphasizing the importance of making loved ones happy.

Kim Jong Kook then shared a story about his ex-girlfriend, saying that after finishing work, if he did not inform her and immediately rushed to meet her after exercising, they would argue. He explained he disliked setting appointment times and preferred to communicate spontaneously. This led to humorous banter, where Jeon So Min jokingly played the role of his girlfriend, teasing him about waiting for him and comparing herself to a puppy. Kim Jong Kook laughed at this situation and reflected on his past actions.

Source: Naver

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