FIFTY FIFTY Failed To Win Top Duo/Group at the 2023 BBMAs

The trophy for Top Duo/Group at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards (2023 BBMAs) did not go to FIFTY FIFTY

On November 20 at 10 a.m. (Korean time), the 2023 Billboard Music Awards (hereinafter referred to as 2023 BBMAs) took place in Las Vegas, USA.

Here, girl group FIFTY FIFTY was nominated in the “Top Duo/Group”, but the trophy went to Fuerza Regida.

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Previously, FIFTY FIFTY entered the “Billboard Hot 100” chart with their title track “Cupid” released on February 24, staying on the chart for 25 weeks and gaining global stardom.

However, the members of FIFTY FIFTY faced obstacles in their activities when they filed for contract suspension against their agency, ATTRAKT. The court has since rejected the suit, and ATTRAKT officially terminated the exclusive contracts of the three members, excluding member Keena, who apologized and returned to the agency. 


Having attended the party the day before the 2023 BBMAs alone, FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena expressed her gratitude, stating that it is an honor to be nominated in a local interview. The female idol also expressed disbelief to be at such a grand event.

Then, when asked about FIFTY FIFTY’s future activities, she responded that it took her a long time to come back, and that she wanted to repay everyone who supports the group.

Source: Daum, Wikitree

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