B.I will release a global single and solo album

The former leader of iKON – B.I will release a global single on May 14 and his first full album on June 1. 

On the 7th, the label 131LABEL uploaded a poster image with the release date of B.I’s new album via its official SNS account.  According to the released poster image, B.I is planning to release his global single at 1 pm on May 14. After that, he will also launch his solo album at 6 pm on June 1.

On the morning of this day, B.I released a short video of about 20 seconds via his SNS account.  In it, the image of B.I, who was immersed in his work in the recording studio, caught attention.

The release schedule of the new album is a musical move after the donation album “Deep Night’s Comfort” released through the “LOVE STREAMING” project in March, and B.I’s vocal, rap, and production skills in “Deep Night’s Comfort” are expected to make the global single and first full-album more anticipated.

A company official added:. “BI is preparing projects with a vision to contribute to the world through the music handed down from ‘The Consolation of a Deep Night’, and will contribute in a new way.” 

Meanwhile, via World Vision, B.I. recently donated all profits from the limited edition of “Deep Night’s Comfort” for emergency relief children. And he plans to deliver future music and copyright profits to help children in need.

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