BLACKPINK Jennie dons provocative outfits on Vogue Japan’s cover

Jennie of BLACKPINK impresses with her bold appearance on the cover of Vogue Japan and shared interesting information via an interview. 

On May 26th, Vogue Japan released BLACKPINK Jennie’s new pictorial on their official website, introducing the main star who graced the cover story in July.


In the pictorial, Jennie can be seen wearing an unconventional see-through dress and making a charismatic gaze towards the camera.

She also showed off a “fashionista side” by wearing unique accessories, even drawing attention by appearing with bare fit.

In another cute, Jennie donned a black see-through body suit, which perfectly accentuated her curves and highlighted her perfect body with no flab.

As an introduction, Vogue Japan recognized Jennie as a “global star who achieved countless feats” and one who “transcended both the K-pop category and the girl group category” to become “an icon recognized by many”. 

In the interview, Jennie said, “The best thing about my career was that I was able to make my debut as [a BLACKPINK member], and I worked hard with the members to make it this far”. When asked how she would describe herself, Jennie said, “curious/detail-obsessed perfectionist/bold”.

In Japan, BLACKPINK recently completed the a two-night concert at Tokyo Dome in April and is set to perform at the Kyocera Dome in June, as part of the “BORN PINK” World Tour. When asked how she felt about meeting Japanese BLINKs, “It’s been a really long time since I met Japan BLINKs, so I’m looking forward to it! I want to create a meaningful and fun time together”, said the singer filled with hope. 


The BLACKPINK World Tour will continue until August. Jennie recalled the memories of the past destinations and hopes for future ones, “The time I spent in Amsterdam with the members during the tour was particularly memorable.” In addition, the rapper said, The place I want to visit someday is Africa. I want to see my favorite animals and feel the wonderful nature”. 

In response to the question about who influenced her the most, Jennie replied, “My mom”. She elaborated, “My mom influenced me in everything, from the way I think about life to my fashion sense”, adding, “She still gives me a lot of advice and helps me make the smartest decisions”. 


Of late, Jennie attended the Out of Competition screening of her first acting challenge, “The Idol”, at the “76th Cannes International Film Festival”. 

Source: sports chosun

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