Fans are worried about the future of CLC when a member will join the upcoming Mnet survival show

Fans think Cube will ignore CLC because the company already has (G)I-DLE and is about to launch LIGHTSUM. 

Earlier this year, Mnet announced plans to launch a new survival reality show called “Girls Planet 999”.  Unlike other survival shows that this station has performed, “Girls Planet 999” is aimed at young girls from 3 countries in Korea, Japan, and China, with the same dream of becoming famous Kpop idols.

“Girls Planet 999” has started accepting applications from qualified contestants since January this year.  About 13,000 contestants from Korea, Japan and China auditioned for this survival show.  And through 3 audition rounds held from March to the end of May, 99 finalists were selected to continue competing to find the new Mnet girl group.  Among these 99 contestants, there are 33 Korean contestants, 33 Chinese and 33 Japanese.

On June 7, SPOTV News reported exclusively that Yujin (CLC) was one of 33 Korean trainees to appear on “Girls Planet 999” along with 66 other contestants from China and Japan.  Also according to SPOTV News, today, Yujin has moved into the dormitory of “Girls Planet 999” with the remaining 98 contestants. 

Yujin (full name is Choi Yujin) first debuted in the original lineup of CLC in 2015. Not only has a beautiful appearance, Yujin is also a multi-talented idol with good singing and dancing skills.  She was the center and visual of CLC when she first debuted.

After 6 years of operation, while the girl groups of the same time have gained a stable reputation, CLC is still struggling to find the attention of the public.  Although, the group also had many opportunities to become more famous. Not long ago, when deciding to leave the group, former member Elkie surprised many people by revealing that Cube had stopped all support for CLC’s activities.  And now, the news that Yujin will participate in Mnet’s survival show makes fans even more worry.  This will most likely be the end of CLC’s career.

“Girls Planet 999” will create a fixed girl group that works for a long time instead of a project group that only promotes for a few short months or years.  This means that if Yujin debuts with the winning team of “Girls Planet 999”, her activities with CLC will also have to come to an end.  And this means that CLC will continue to lose another important member.

Currently, on social networking sites, fans of CLC are constantly leaving angry comments aimed at Cube Entertainment.  Currently, another Cube girl group, (G)I-DLE, is having certain achievements.  In addition, the company is about to debut another girl group, LIGHTSUM.  It seems that Cube really abandoned CLC when the group had almost no chance to succeed.


Cube has not yet responded to the news that Yujin will join “Girls Planet 999″. However, Mnet’s side soon gave an answer.  The station said, “It is difficult to confirm this information.”

Source: tinnhac

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