BTOB Eun-kwang reveals his shocking bank account balance, “I experienced many failures due to Covid-19”

BTOB Eun-kwang will share talks about his investment failures on “The Money School”.

KBS2TV’s “The Money School”, which is scheduled to air on June 19th, will form the “Fire moth Social Investment Club” section to share investment techniques with the MZ Generation.

Apart from MC Defconn and Shuka, BTOB Eun-kwang, Oh My Girl’s Yoo-bin, former Berry Good member – actress Johyun, and rapper Rae-won will also appear and challenge the flower road of reality investment matters.

BTOB Eunkwang

Meeting each other for the first time, Eun-kwang, Yfailuresoo-bin, Johyun, and Raewon attracted attention as they revealed conflicting investment styles. Unlike Eun-kwang and Johyun, who failed in investment many times, Yoo-bin and Rae-won have 3-4 bank accounts with their careful investment plans. As a result, the “Please Take Care of My Balance” was created and the filming studio was filled with sighs and envy.

The person who drew the most attention was rapper Rae-won as he said, “I spend the least amount of money among rappers. The tax accountant must be worried”. Explaining that he makes steady investment and manages it by dividing his money into several bank accounts to meet the balance of 100 million won and the amount for depositor protection, rapper Rae-won received compliments from everyone. Yoo-bin also got praised by Shuka, an economic Youtuber, by revealing that she manages different bank accounts based on different purposes, such as living expenses, income, etc., and the account for savings she made since she was young.

BTOB Eunkwang

On the other hand, BTOB Eun-kwang looked a bit sad. Eun-kwang, who runs domestic and foreign businesses, including stocks, coins and restaurants, surprised everyone in the studio by revealing his balance after experiencing investment failures. He also explained that the reason that caused the series of such failures was the Covid-19 pandemic. Eun-kwang said, “I’ve been through lots of big typhoons during that time. I experienced everything, including stocks and coins. I even set up a restaurant business before I enlisted in the army”, confessing that he had heartache many times. In response, Defconn commented, “At this point, Eun-kwang, who has been an idol for 11 years, must have spent lots of money”. After giving advice, economic Youtuber Shuka raised the tension by telling about what kind of situations investors may encounter in the future, saying “This is the first program where real balances are revealed. What a cruel program.”

Eun-kwang continued, “I can’t forget it. Everything started around January and February 2020, when stocks were on fire”. The realistic investment story about his successful moments and unexpected failures confessed by Eun-kwang, who has been an idol for 11 years, aroused keen interest. Indeed, it is expected that Eun-kwang will successfully transform himself from a set-up-to-fail investor to become a confident investor.

BTOB Eunkwang

The production team said, “The new section ‘Fire moth Social Investment Club’ will be introduced for the first time on ‘The Money School’”, adding, “It plans to realistically check the investing methods of MZ Generation and introduce useful techniques. Please look forward to the changes from Eun-kwang, Yoo-bin, Rae-won and Johyun”. The program airs at 9:20 p.m on June 19th.

Source: Nate

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