Fans are upset seeing the phrase V (BTS) made only for ARMY is being used in B.I’s scandal

What’s most upsetting about this sensitive situation is that it happens right on BTS’s 6th anniversary.

Yestersay, Korean entertainment industry was shaken after Dispatch accused B.I (iKON) of buying and using drug in 2016. Just a few hours after the exclusive news, many new turns has happened where B.I announced his withdrawal from iKON and termination of his contract with YG Entertainment.

The current situation is a very painful shock to iKON’s fans and many still cannot believe that their talented leader had left them. In shock, many fans have chose to left as much encouraging words as possible to B.I and iKON on SNS. However, this action has accidentally created a conflict with another fandom.

After B.I’s drug scandal went public, some iKONIC started trending the hashtag #WePurpleYouHanbin, #WePurpleYouiKON, or even #WePurpleYouiKONIC on Twitter as a way to show that they will stand by the boys’ side through this storm. Sadly, this hashtag irritates BTS’s fans to an extent that some ARMY publicly expressed their irritation when this special phrase is used in situation unrelated to BTS.

Purple You” or “보라해” is a special phrase made by V to talk about the relationship between BTS and ARMY. V once said that because purple is the final color of the rainbow, which gave “Purple You” the meaning that BTS and ARMY will love each other to the end. Due to this reason, this phrase holds such a special meaning  to ARMY that even non-fans think that it’s unreasonable for someone to use it in situation unrelated to ARMY or BTS.

Many ARMY are angry because iKONIC could have totally use other hashtag to show their support for their idols in such a situation like #WeLoveYouiKON or #WeLoveYouHanbin. But they has decided to use a special phrase to both BTS and ARMY without understanding the real meaning and accidentally dragged in unrelated names into the controversy.

What’s most important is that, this happens right on BTS’s 6th anniversary. And ARMYs are even angrier because today is supposed to be filled with only happiness, not some unwanted conflict.

What do you think about this?

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