“The Glory” Cha Joo Young held this unexpected item on her way to work

Cha Joo Young, a star of “The Glory”, is drawing attention with her first appearance on a live radio show.

Actress Cha Joo Young, a rising star known for her role as Choi Hye Jeong in Netflix’s hit series “The Glory,” recently caught the attention of fans and reporters alike for holding a cute and unexpected accessory on her way to a radio broadcast.

cha joo young

In particular, on March 22nd, Cha Joo Young made her way to KBS Radio COOL FM’s “Lee Ki Kwang Music Plaza” as a guest on the show. 

Here, Cha Joo Young greeted the crowd with a smile, showing off her casual yet chic outfit consisting of denim pants, a matching denim jacket, and a brown handbag.

However, what really stood out was the small and cute “Winnie-the-Pooh” Piglet plushie she was holding in her right hand. 

cha joo young

During the radio show, the DJ asked her about the doll, and Cha Joo Young revealed that it was her good luck charm, which she always carries with her when she feels nervous.

Cha Joo Young explained, “I’m so nervous because it’s my first time on a radio show.

Upon hearing about this, netizens expressed that the doll added to Cha Joo Young’s unexpected charm and it was a surprising contrast to her fierce image in “The Glory”, where she played a flight attendant who is part of a group of school violence perpetrators.

cha joo young

On the other hand, “The Glory” tells the story of a woman who seeks revenge against school violence perpetrators who destroyed her life and soul during her childhood. The series has gained widespread popularity for its gripping plot and outstanding performances, including Cha Joo Young’s portrayal of an antagonist.

Cha Joo Young is now gearing up for her next project, which is KBS 2TV’s upcoming weekend drama “The Real Has Come!” The series is expected to air later this year and is already generating buzz among K-drama fans. 

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