“Evilive” releases character teaser “Shin Ha-kyun X Kim Young-kwang, acting clash”

Actors Shin Ha-kyun and Kim Young-kwang engage in a heated acting clash

On Sep 27th, Genie TV released a character teaser for the new original drama “Evilive”, showcasing the intense performances of Shin Ha-kyun and Kim Young-kwang. From piercing gazes to bloody actions, the teaser hinted at the powerful narrative of the villains.

“Evilive” tells the story of Han Dong-soo (Shin Ha-kyun), a struggling lawyer who meets absolute villain Seo Do-young (Kim Young-kwang) and transforms into an elite villain himself.


The teaser was intense and emotional. Han Dong-soo declares “We have to do it. That’s the only way we can survive“, revealing his determination to stake their lives on their current gamble. Subsequently, he engages in fierce confrontations with mysterious figures.

Seo Do-young exudes an aura of an absolute villain, with a madness-filled gaze. He delivers a chilling line, “I never let go of what I’ve grabbed onto, no matter what it is.”

Expectations are high for the synergy between Shin Ha-kyun and Kim Young-kwang. Both actors are set to intricately portray the different facets of the villains.

An insider said, “This is the story of the villains who don’t hesitate to commit cruel acts to get what they want. For Seo Do-young, Han Dong-soo is like a toy he wants to have. Please look forward to his scary side.

“Evilive” is scheduled to premiere through Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile and ENA on Oct 14th. Episodes will be released every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM.

Source: Dispatch

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