Yoo Ah In taken to the detention center in handcuffs today (May 24th)

Actor Yoo Ah In moved to the detention center in handcuffs after completing the warrant review.

Lee Min Soo, a senior judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, held a suspect questioning (warrant review) before arrest for Yoo Ah In at 11 AM on May 24th. Yoo Ah In is accused of taking 5 types of drugs, including marijuana, propofol, cocaine, ketamine and zolpidem.


Yoo Ah In appeared in front of reporters with a gaunt face wearing a black suit and a black tie. Yoo Ah In, who appeared at around 10:29 AM, said, “I admit most of the charges. I did not attempt to help accomplices flee away.”

Previously, the prosecution said that they applied for an arrest warrant after finding circumstantial evidence that Yoo Ah In tried to help artist A, known as his accomplice, flee the country. Yoo Ah In had never spoken about A, but this time he mentioned A for the first time.


In the meantime, Yoo Ah In denied the charges of using other drugs except for marijuana and claimed that the use of propofol and ketamine was for medical purposes. However, when Yoo Ah In was at the crossroads of arrest during the warrant review, he changed his position, saying, “I admit most of the charges.”

After completing the warrant review at around 12:40 PM, Yoo Ah In replied “I regret it” to the reporters’ question “Do you regret taking drugs?“.


Afterwards, Yoo Ah In moved to the detention center in handcuffs. Yoo Ah In will wait at the detention center of Seoul Mapo Police Station until it is decided whether to arrest him or not.

Whether to arrest Yoo Ah In or not is expected to be decided as early as late afternoon on May 24th and as late as the morning of May 25th.

Source: Wikitree

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