SNSD’s Tiffany exposed Yuri in an interview and even swore harshly. What’s going on?

What happened between SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany that the “smiling eyes” beauty’s attitude was so harsh?

Many people probably know that, in addition to the title of “Korea’s national girl group”, SNSD is also given the nickname “national comedy group” by fans. SNSD has many funny members, but when it comes to those who first laid the foundation for the “comedy group”, Yuri must be mentioned. In particular, one of Yuri’s interesting habits is the random way of tagging the members’ names on Instagram. Yuri used to tag Yoona‘s name in Sunny‘s face, and Seohyun‘s name in Taeyeon‘s face.

In an interview on April 7th with Elle magazine, her fellow member Tiffany exposed this confusing action of Yuri, even swearing. Earlier, Yuri herself explained that she mistagged the member’s name to make everyone in the group known more. However, Tiffany completely denied the above explanation, saying that Yuri’s actions were unreasonable. Despite acting quite harsh, it turned out that Tiffany was just joking, and then she confessed her love to Yuri.

Tiffany was shining in the latest interview, where the female idol talked about Yuri’s act of tagging the wrong SNSD member’s name
Tiffany even cursed when she mentioned her friend’s actions, “This makes no f***ing sense!!”
She ended the question with a smile and expressed that “But I love you. And…we love you”

In a previous interview, Yuri once shared that the reason she tagged the wrong member’s name was to make everyone in the group more known to the public, “Say for example, someone likes Taeyeon. So they’ll click the photo to see who it is. But then it’s Seohyun. Then they’ll think, “Seohyun is also pretty”. Then they’ll follow Taeyeon AND Seohyun”

Yuri’s reason seems to be quite reasonable. But it turned out that in Tiffany’s eyes, this action was completely unconvincing. Tiffany’s exposing Yuri caused a fever on social media because it was so funny.

Yuri explains the act of tagging the members with the wrong name
Fans are so used to Yuri tagging the members with the wrong name
According to Yuri, tagging the wrong name will help all the members be known

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