Lee Hyo-ri: “Sung Yu-ri cried while breastfeeding her baby”

Lee Hyo-ri mentioned Sung Yu-ri’s reaction to the pilot broadcast of “Seoul Check-in”.

On the April 8th broadcast of TVING’s original program “Seoul Check-in”, Lee Hyo-ri, who “checked in” Seoul for a poster shoot, was depicted.

Lee Hyori

When Lee Hyo-ri heard that the pilot broadcast was a hit, she revealed, “Sung Yu-ri texted me, too. She was watching while breastfeeding her baby. She cried and said, ‘We’re still young, right?’ I replied, ‘Of course, we’re young.'”

Lee Hyori

When asked “Why did she sob?”, Lee Hyo-ri answered, “Everyone seems to feel like they are alone these days. Because the world is changing so fast. However, my heart is still the same as before.”

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