A former KPop idol revealed to be sexually harassed, “the company didn’t allow us to fight back”

Da Yul (former Baby Boo member) revealed that the group was often sexually harassed when having dinner with partners. 

On April 7, Grazy Grace channel released an interview video with Da Yul, a former member of girl group Baby Boo.  In the interview, Da Yul shared about the difficulties she faced when working as an idol without the company’s support.  She was sexually harassed and never had a chance to fight back.

Specifically, Da Yul revealed that after music events, sometimes Baby Boo had to have dinner with business partners and event organizers.  Here, the group was often sexually harassed.  A similar case happened when the group met with fans to take photos together.

Baby Boo couldn’t turn down invitations because they were held right after the group performed.  In particular, due to limited funds and the fact that the group was not taken care of by the company, these meetings are often the only opportunity for Baby Boo to have a “true meal“.  After dinner was over, it was the business partners who drove the group home.

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The management company banned Baby Boo from fighting back when the group was sexually harassed

“It’s really uncomfortable. There have been a lot of times when they crossed the line with us,” Da Yul expressed.

The female singer said that although the group discussed with the CEO the problem they were facing, the company’s director tried to make excuses for wrong and inappropriate actions.  “It’s because you are like my daughters,” Da Yul quoted how the CEO responded to them.

Despite being sexually harassed, the management organization Hyunda Entertainment, according to Da Yul, barred the group from complaining. “Basically, these ‘business partners’ gave us the opportunity to perform. They are seen as ‘higher-status’ people. So the CEO couldn’t really say anything to them.  He wanted us to understand his situation at that time,” Da Yul revealed.

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The rocky career of Baby Boo was covered by Korean media in March. The group was called the “slave girl group”. Baby Boo was not paid throughout the procedure. They had to live in a bad environment and had to pay for their own living expenses, according to the members’ share.

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