Da-yul of the “Slave Girl Group” revealed her story after 4 years: “We were sexually harassed, had to wait in the W.C at the Idol Star Athletics Championships” 

Da-yul, a member of what is said to be a “slave girl group,” speaks up for the first time in 4 years.

On Mar 18th, a video titled “That girl group from ‘True Story’… Updates in 4 years after the controversy” was posted on the YouTube channel “Recent Events Olympics.”

On this day’s broadcast, Da-yul, who shocked viewers by her story of a “slave girl group,” reported her recent status for the first time in four years. An episode of MBC’s “True Story” which aired in 2019, featured Da-yul and Da-on who debuted as members of idol group Baby Boo. They claimed that they were not able to work properly after leaving due to their conflict with the agency’s representative and haven’t received any proper pay despite 4 years of promotional activities.


Da-yul said, “The word ‘slave girl group’ is not a good word, but there was no other way to express it. That was our situation,” she recalled. Da-yul then talked in detail about how hard her life was at the time. She said, “I felt like we were locked up (at the dorm). Between windows are bug nets so big that even a person can fit through. My father came and blocked everything for us,” she said about their dorm which was not properly protected.

Also, “I had to go to a schedule, but there was no water. I had to go to the barber’s in front of our dorm and asked, “Can I wash my hair?” and prepared myself. The landlord urged us to leave because we were behind on a lot of different bills. So I always packed my things in advance because I didn’t know when we would be kicked out of the dorm.”


In addition, she said, “When I went to a music show, I took the subway then appeared on broadcast like a celebrity, and afterward, I took the subway back to the dorm,” adding, “I was always alone when I appeared on the program called The Unit. I was upset that I had to do everything on my own, including makeup and costumes.”

In particular, Da-yul shed tears thinking about the time she appeared on “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” She said, “We weren’t a famous team, and we weren’t close with anyone as well. While waiting, other people all have someone to take care of them such as their members or team staff, but there was no one to take care of me as I was alone. Among all those people, I was alone, so I had nowhere to be. So I was in the bathroom. I was eating a PPL sandwich, but I felt like I couldn’t digest anything so I threw it away. That was the saddest moment.” Then she said, “I felt it then. That if there is no one in the company who can takes care of me like that, I have to leave, I can’t live like this.”


“I did more than 500 events, but I didn’t get any money,” Da-yul said, “When I went to any local event, I slept at a nearby motel, washed up, and prepared, and then came out to the venue again. There were times when I had to wash up and prepare at the rest area.”

She confessed her experience of being threatened, saying, “They felt good when they drank, so they threw makgeolli at us and curse us out. And while we were taking a picture, these officials sometimes touched our behinds and said, ‘Let’s take it together.’ However, if we tell the CEO about such things, he said, ‘We never stop them because they are officials who can give us another event.’ This is the story of another member, but they touched her thighs saying ‘Pretty, pretty’ and even tried to kiss her when they took pictures. There was no one who stopped it at all,” she said, explaining that he was not protected. Da-yul said, “We always held hands and embraced each other,” adding, “But we had fun dancing and singing on stage, so we endured it for just that one reason.”


As of the recent situation, Da-yul said, “The contract-related litigation issue is almost over. That’s why I’m able to work again.Da-yul, who has been on various kinds of stages, said, “I didn’t think I should let go of this chance. I thought I would never be able come back if I did something else. I thought that I should keep enduring this and keep trying, so that I would have a chance to do anything again,” she said.

Da-yul received the Entertainer Award at the 2019 Miss Korea Seoul Selection Competition. “After winning at the ‘Best Entertainer Contest’, Iimmediately released an OST album. As a result, I started receiving calls from people around me,” she said adding, “I was excited to have an opportunity to be with my old members. There is hope that we can start over. I’m trying to think positively.”


“Our new team’s name is Dallia and we will start recording soon,” Da-yul said, “Instead of getting a chance from others, let’s make a chance for ourselves. I think I’m going to continue on this path. I don’t give up and I want to hear that I had endured really well,” she confessed.

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