“Running Man”’s Song Ji-hyo is chosen as the best candidate to be Kim Jong-kook’s future bride

The members selected Song Ji-hyo as Kim Jong-kook’s future bride.

On SBS entertainment program “Running Man,” which aired on Jan 9th, the “Youngest’s Ranking War” race took place. When Kim Jong-kook talked about how he endured the cold and heat to save heating and electricity bills in winter and summer, and asked if he would do so after getting married later, he said, “I’m saving those now to use for my wife and children late,” adding, “I’m doing whatever my wife wants.” 

Kim Jong-kook bride

At that time, Yoo Jae-seok found Song Ji-hyo putting the tissue back in her bag, and the members joke that Song Ji-hyo was a bride that matched perfectly with Kim Jong-kook.

Kim Jong-kook bride

Meanwhile, “Running Man” is a variety entertainment program in which numerous stars and members perform missions together and focus solely on making the audience laugh.

Kim Jong-kook bride
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