BIG BANG reveals the title of their comeback song “Still Life”, “It implicitly expresses the members’ past times”

Top idol group BIG BANG (G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung) will return with the new song called “Still Life” on April 5th.

YG Entertainment, BIG BANG’s agency, revealed on March 24th that the title of BIG BANG’s comeback song would be “Still Life” (Korean title: Spring Summer Autumn Winter).

The title sounds familiar but since it’s BIG BANG‘s song, it makes us feel emotional in a special way. Netizens are also curious about what emotions and messages of ‘spring, summer, autumn and winter’ they will convey when making a comeback after 4 winters on the day when flowers bloom.


Many artists besides BIG BANG have expressed “four seasons”. It has been used as a subject to write songs with various metaphors about joys and sorrows in life as well as the providence of natural circulation.

YG said, “BIG BANG’s ‘Still Life’ is a song that implicitly expresses the members’ past times”, adding, “It contains their sincere music and messages”.

BIGBANG comeback 2022

In fact, the English song name of “Spring Summer Autumn Winter” was written as “Still Life”, which made us guess ​​its meaning. It depicts the stillness of the moment or the stillness of the living being.

The title poster released on the same day also reminded us of a still life. Daisy flowers, which have the meaning of “hope“, were in full bloom in four colors: white, pink, yellow and red, attracting attention.


Fans expressed expectations by offering various speculations and interpretations about the four seasons, the four colors of flowers and the organic connection between four members.

BIG BANG‘s new song “Still Life” will be released at midnight on April 5th. As it has been about four years since “Flower Road” (2018) and BIG BANG has changed the trend of the popular music market by being listed as a lyricist and composer for most songs, not only fans but also many people are paying attention to their return.

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