“How dare them perform at the best educational center in Korea?” Seoul National University students furious at NewJeans’ festival invitation

Some Seoul National University students are not welcoming NewJeans’ festival invitation.

Recently, responses posted on Seoul National University’s bulletin board are being shared on online communities.

An anonymous netizen wrote, “I really don’t understand. Why does NewJeans come here? Is it because of Bang Si Hyuk’s love for school?


Another netizen left a comment saying, “The root of Seoul National University is all dead. How dare these entertainers perform at the best educational center in Korea?

There were also concerns that it would cost a lot of money to invite NewJeans. A netizen commented, “Wouldn’t it cost at least 100 million won to invite NewJeans? To be honest, it’s a waste of money.” Many netizens sympathized with this position, but responded, “Instead of saying it’s a waste of money to invite a celebrity, it’s a waste of money to invite a top-class celebrity.”


However, there were conflicting reactions, such as “What do you mean by saying that inviting idols to the festival is a waste of money? You’re so noisy, just be quiet.”

Meanwhile, Seoul National University will hold the “SUNFESTIVAL” festival at Lawn Square from Sept 12th to 14th. Ahead of the festival, the festival planning team, affiliated with the student council, released a preview video, which drew attention as it hinted at NewJeans’ appearance.

Source: Insight

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