GOT the beat: The SM supergroup with super disappointing results

Called a “supergroup” by SM Entertainment, yet GOT the beat received various criticisms and little success. 

GOT the beat (GOT is short for “Girls On Top”) is a supergroup made up of remarkable female idols from different generations under SM Entertainment. With members including BoA, SNSD’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi, and aespa’s Winter and Karina, GOT the beat is highly-anticipated, only to get disappointing results. 

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SM “supergroup” GOT the beat recorded disappointing results 

In particular, in their recent return with “Stamp On It”, GOT the beat did badly on music streaming platforms. As of January 30th, it ranked #49 on Bugs, #86 on MelOn, and failed to make it into the Top 100 of VIBE, Genie, and FLO. 

Meanwhile, the MV for “Stamp On It” only gained 7 million YouTube views after 2 weeks. Despite boasting a charming choreography with extremely attractive members, the song simply won’t click with most of the audience. 

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“Stamp On It” recorded poor digital rankings

Whilst the public ignored the group, fans weren’t faring much better, with fans of different members in GOT the beat having their own complaints. For example, line distribution is a major matter, with aespa Karina and Winter having extremely little lines. Meanwhile, BoA, who received criticisms for her voice and dance, always got for herself a lot of singing time and even killing parts, rousing satisfaction. 

GOT the beat
aespa Karina and Winter doesn’t get to shine much in GOT the beat 

The attitude of BoA also angered a lot of people. In particular, in a fancam from music program “M!Countdown”, the female idol can be heard saying, “The MV has less views than I thought”, causing Taeyeon and Wendy to smile awkwardly. 

BoA got the beat
Many people said that BoA is being “too confident” about GOT the beat 

On the other hand, Hyoyeon once claimed that GOT the beat was invited to perform at the 2022 Coachella,  but turned down the offer since they only had one song at the time. Since Hyoyeon’s words are not “backed” by any evidence, opinions were divided, with many suspecting the validity of such a claim. 

Hyoyeon said that GOT the beat was invited to perform at the 2022 Coachella, but turned down because e they only had one song
Many netizens suspected Hyoyeon of lying 

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