Yoon Eun Hye shared tips for styling accessories…”You might think that I’m crazy for hearts”

Yoon Eun Hye passed on tips for styling accessories.

On May 13th, Yoon Eun Hye uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel “Yoon Eun Hye’s EUNHYELOGIN”.

In the video, Yoon Eun Hye introduced, “Today I will show you the jewelry everyone was curious about. There were a lot of bracelets that you were curious about. I really like going to the Kyobo book center. Whenever I go, I buy some bracelets and earrings. The earrings just snapped. It was too new to throw away, so I put them aside to get them fixed. In my memories, it was about 80,000 won. I wore this from last year when I did ‘Hangout with Yoo’. You can’t really see them when you see it from far away. When I went to Garosu-gil road, I bought it from here. This was about 100,000 won.

She continued, “These days heart pendants are the trend. There are ones that have long strings. You can tie the strings and make them as a ribbon. It’s not that expensive and I think it will be not bad to try. Kitsch products. It looks like my niece’s necklace. But they are not. In summer, even though you wear just a T-shirt, one of the ways to wear them fashionable is using accessories.


Wearing a necklace with points, Yoon Eun Hye recommended, “When I saw this, I bought it right away. I bought it at a pop-up in a department store. It looks like there’s another pendant because of this part here. Did you see that there is another necklace? The string of the necklace is almost the same as my skin tone. I use pearl necklaces a lot, too. If I wear this one, it will make the whole tone brighter. It is OK to layer more. I think you will like this style much better.”

Yoon Eun Hye said, “I like these one touchable earrings. These one touchable earrings look luxurious. Those who think big ring earrings are hard to wear, rose gold color earrings are for you. It makes it look not too outstanding. People who don’t do earrings can also use these. You will look pretty even if you put one on. Don’t say that you can’t before you even try them. It could be awkward the first time, but you will get used to them.”

She showed heart earrings, saying, “Hearts are the trend these days. If it’s too bold, then it will look too much. I have some people wondering how much I got my ears pierced. There were more than those, but is locked. I did 10, but the ones I use are 7. They say that when you put on earrings, you will look prettier. I think you might think that I’m crazy for hearts.” 


Yoon Eun Hye said, “There is something that I buy when it’s summer. Thread bracelet. And there are colors that I buy all the time. Red and skin. I like to put them on with watches. There are some people that think that it will go well with bold ones. I put on thread bracelets on this side and did bold bracelets on this side. They actually go well together.”

She went on to say, “As for the rings, I put on joint rings and thumb rings. It is pretty to put on thin rings on all fingers, but it will look prettier to put them as a point. If you like these bracelets, I’ll tell you how to make them. These days kitsch is the trend. These beads bracelets have been popular for two years. The cute ones that I showed you before. Put them on like this. They will go well with a white one piece dress or with a T-shirt in summer.”


To the PD who said she could not put on rings because of her short and chubby fingers, Yoon Eun Hye revealed tips, “The most important thing is confidence. It even makes your fingers look pretty. I actually have a complex on my finger because it got hurt many times. Then I don’t put on rings that people will focus on this finger. Instead, I put on very thin rings, or the color matching my skin tone. For example, when you put on this ring, it doesn’t make you focus on your fingers. But this ring makes you really focus on your fingers. So if I have to choose from these, I think I’m going to choose this. Because it makes your fingers thinner.

Source: Naver

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