“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki tops the December Brand Reputation ranking for drama actors 

The December Brand Reputation ranking for drama actors has been announced.

As a result of big data analysis in December 2022, in the brand reputation ranking for drama actors this month, Song Joong Ki took first place, followed by Kim Hye Soo and Moon Sang Min.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute measured 70,106,285 brand big data of 50 actors appearing in K-dramas aired from November 8, 2022 to December 8, 2022 by consumers’ brand participation, media volume, traffic volume, and communication volume. It was indexed by the brand reputation algorithm. 

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Brand reputation big data analysis can measure the positive or negative evaluation of brands, the interest of the media, the interest and communication of consumers, the spread of the community for the issues, and the reaction and popularity of content.

The Top 30 drama actors with the highest brand reputation in December 2022 are Song Joong Ki, Kim Hye Soo, Moon Sang Min, Ha Ji Won, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Min, Namgoong Min, Bae In Hyuk, Shin Hyun Been, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Ji Eun, Gong Seung Yeon, Kang Ha Neul, Im Si Wan, Yook Sung Jae, Ok Ja Yeon, Han Ji Hyun, Kim So Eun, Son Ho Jun, Lee Da Hee, Joo Hyun Young, Choi Won Young, Yeon Woo, Kwak Seon Yeong, Park Jin Young, Lee Hana, Park Hana, Kim Go Eun, Kim Seung Soo, and Kim Hyun Jin, from top to bottom.

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Song Joong Ki has a brand reputation index of 7,790,154, a participation index of 1,435,777, a media index of 1,294,851, a communication index of 1,316,192, and a community index of 3,743,334.

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In second place, Kim Hye Soo has a brand reputation index of 6,208,526, a participation index of 784,941, a media index of 719,176, a communication index of 1,042,942, and a community index of 3,661,468.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

In third place, Moon Sang Min has a brand reputation index of 4,353,889, a participation index of 1,167,180, a media index of 1,069,111, a communication index of 763,061, and a community index of 1,354,537.

Source: Daum

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