Knets pick out Kpop idols with the best live singing skills: SM artists are more appreciated than BLACKPINK, BTS is not included?

Kpop fans always place great importance on live singing and use this skill to determine the ability of every idol group.

Live singing is always considered the core and most important skill for a Kpop idol. Therefore, the public tends to be especially strict about the idols’ live vocals when they perform on stage. Recently, Korean netizens have discussed and picked out the groups with the most outstanding live singing skills.


Four BLACKPINK girls have long been famous for their good live singing ability. Besides the main and lead vocalists, Rosé and Jisoo, Jennie is often praised for her live vocals when singing and rapping. Although Lisa is the main dancer, she can still pull off some singing parts in BLACKPINK’s song that suit her voice.

BLACKPINK members are highly appreciated for their ability to sing live

Lovesick Girls is one of BLACKPINK’s most recent promotional stages. The group managed to showcase their ability to sing live without getting any criticism. The members sounded stable throughout the entire song. Notably, Rosé and Jennie excellently delivered their lines.


When it comes to the topics about vocals, BTOB is always brought up by netizens. Indeed, the members’ top-notch live singing skills have been proven through each comeback. Their performance is always stable after nearly 10 years of working in the industry.

BTOB is always the top group in terms of live singing ability

Typically, during the encore stage to celebrate the win of the song “Beautiful Pain”, the group even had to do the challenge of doing body flips while singing live. However, despite having to “exercise” on stage, BTOB’s main vocalist Changsub still sang live smoothly.


If BTOB is the representative male group when it comes to live singing, MAMAMOO’s live vocals are undoubtedly the best among female groups, as they are dubbed the “Kings and queens” of singing live in Kpop. All 4 members of MAMAMOO can’t even lip-sync because they’re so used to singing live. Viewers can just randomly check out a live stage of MAMAMOO to verify this.

MAMAMOO is the girl group with the top live singing ability in Kpop 


SHINee is the next boy group to be listed by Knetizens when it comes to idols groups with the most admirable ability to sing live. Although in later stages, SHINee doesn’t have their main vocalist Jonghyun, the remaining members still deliver impressive live performances as always.

SHINee’s ability to sing live is highly appreciated


NCT is called SM’s flower garden because of the members’ equally gorgeous visuals, but don’t underestimate the group’s live singing skills just because they have the looks. NCT currently has 23 members in total. Although the group’s choreography is known for having a high level of difficulty, their singing and rapping skills always remain stable.

Don’t underestimate NCT’s impressive live singing skills because of their outstanding visuals

Two specific units of NCT mentioned by Knets are NCT 127 and NCT Dream. In these two lineups, there are outstanding vocalists such as Taeil, Haechan, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Chenle, Renjun…, and talented rappers like Taeyong, Mark, Jeno, Jisung, who always fulfill their roles well during performances.

The 2 latest title tracks of NCT 127 and NCT Dream, Sticker and Hello Future, respectively, are considered difficult songs. The flawless live encore performances of both units are enough to explain why Knetizens included the “crowded” boy group in this list.

Besides the above outstanding groups, Knets also left comments complimenting many other groups for their good live singing skills:

  • NCT 127’s Sticker encore on M!Countdown was amazing.
  • EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, NCT 127, NCT Dream, aespa. I always trust SM’s groups!
  • NCT 127 and NCT Dream are both good.
  • Taemin’s WANT encore stage sounds great too
  • BTS’s Boy With Luv encore stage
  • Red Velvet, SHINee, BTOB, MAMAMOO.
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