LE SSERAFIM Sakura reacts to Yoon Sung Bin talking about drinking alcohol, “He sounds like a psychopath”

‘Skeleton racer’ Yoon Sung Bin shared his unexpected secret with LE SSERAFIM Sakura.

On May 10th, Yoon Sung Bin appeared in the final episode of the web entertainment show “Fearless Kura” hosted by LE SSERAFIM member Sakura Miyawaki and challenged the zookeeper experience.


In line with the concept of “calling an amazing person to challenge trivial things”, Sakura and Yoon Sung Bin tried their best in every challenge without being afraid of failures and things they are unfamiliar with.

However, viewers were drawn to the unexpected aspect of Yoon Sung Bin. He declared that he doesn’t even drink alcohol at all, shocking everyone. 

When Sakura said, “I heard you can’t drink alcohol”, Yoon Sung Bin confessed, “I don’t drink it because it’s not tasty”, adding “But I do go to parties”. He explained, “When I see people being drunk, they look like fools. Because I’m the only one sane.”

Sakura then asked, “Isn’t it fun to get drunk together?”, Yoon Sung Bin replied, “It’s more fun to watch people getting drunk”. Hearing that, Sakura reacted, “He sounds like a psychopath.”

Yoon Sung Bin added that the disadvantage of not getting drunk is that he would have to take care of everyone and clean up the mess himself.

Sakura continued, “If your friends pass out, can you carry 3 people at least?”. Yoon Sung Bin responded, “You think I’m a truck? Anyone who drinks that much is wrong”, adding “I just leave them there”, drawing laughter. 

Meanwhile, the channel “Fearless_Kkura” has achieved remarkable results thanks to the web entertainment show hosted by Sakura. In particular, it has accumulated a total of 60 million views, 2,500 comments per episode and more than 450,000 subscribers within six months. Thanks to the huge support from viewers, “Fearless” team also announced their plan to make Season 2.

Source: Wikitree

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