Lee I-kyung and Lee Mi-joo caught in the act of ‘thumb caressing’ skinship at the backstage of an awards ceremony

Actor Lee I-kyung and singer Mi-joo’s sweet skinship video is being highlighted again.

Recently, in various online communities, attention is once again drawn to the appearance of Lee I-kyung and Mi-joo together at the ‘Circle Chart Music Awards 2022’ last February.


Before taking the stage, Lee I-kyung and Mi-joo held hands and waited affectionately.

Mi-joo gently caressed Lee I-kyung’s hand with her thumb, making many people’s hearts flutter.

In particular, many netizens paid attention to the desirable “hand size difference” between Lee I-kyung and Mi-joo.


While holding hands while waiting, the two entered the stage side by side with their arms crossed.

Lee I-kyung and Mi-joo, standing on the stage, showcased their perfect facial and height differences, capturing the audience’s attention.

Lee Mi-joo and Lee I-kyung had previously appeared on MBC’s “What Do You Do When You Play?” and formed a love line, cutely bickering but caring for each other.

Lee I-kyung and Mi-joo, who had even been misunderstood as having a romantic relationship by netizens, attracted a lot of attention when they showed their affectionate side at the backstage of the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, Mi-joo is set to release her solo debut album, “Movie Star,” on the upcoming 17th and actively engage in promotions.

Source: insight

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