Will BABYMONSTER and BOYNEXTDOOR become the next cash cows of YG and HYBE?

YG and HYBE unveil their highly anticipated rookie idols, BABYMONSTER and BOYNEXTDOOR, aiming to secure future success and fandom.

YG will debut rookie girl group BABYMONSTER this fall. As BABYMONSTER is the first rookie girl group in seven years since BLACKPINK, they have garnered attention from the public and industry insiders both domestically and internationally.


In true YG fashion, which enjoys self-survival, they first revealed the content of selecting members for BABYMONSTER. 

As part of their marketing strategy to gather a global fandom before their official debut, YG previously announced that 2 out of 7 members would be eliminated, thereby cultivating individual fandom as well.

The future of YG depends on the success of BABYMONSTER, as it’s not an exaggeration to say that BLACKPINK is now their only cash cow. 


While G-Dragon and Taeyang still possess the ‘BIGBANG power,’ it is only their reputation that remains. YG has been lagging behind the Big 4 (SM, JYP, YG, HYBE) in terms of stock price and artist success, so 2023 is considered an exceptionally important year for the company.

Therefore, YG carefully selected the most outstanding trainees and designed the content for BABYMONSTER. They selected individuals who excel in vocals, rap, and performance, aiming for a global audience with three members from Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), two members from Thailand (Pharita, Chiquita), and two members from Japan (Ruka, Asa).


On the day when the final members were announced (May 12th), YG’s stock price reached a 52-week high. It can be acknowledged that BABYMONSTER will be the medium-to long-term growth driver that succeeds BLACKPINK.

BABYMONSTER’s official YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and more than 400 million views. They have also been recognized by Billboard as a “K-pop artist to watch out for.” BABYMONSTER has the potential to become a new cash cow for YG.

HYBE’s subsidiary KOZ Entertainment is also about to debut rookie boy group BOYNEXTDOOR. The six-member boy group BOYNEXTDOOR will debut on May 30th.

They have chosen all three songs, “But I Like You,” “One and Only,” and “Serenade,” from the title tracks of their debut single album “WHO!”. 

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Zico, the CEO and producer of KOZ Entertainment, participated in the production, and the members themselves were credited on “But I Like You” and “Serenade,” as they aim to express relatable daily stories through honest music, as implied by the group name.

BOYNEXTDOOR will also release three MVs. They will be released on May 23rd, 26th, and 30th, showcasing an unprecedented scale of investment and a debut that exceeds expectations.

HYBE is deploying a winning strategy by leveraging artists from HYBE Labels (Big Hit Music, Pledis, Source Music, Belift Lab, and ADOR) to fill the void left by BTS’s military service. BOYNEXTDOOR is expected to continue HYBE’s smart strategy.

Source: Naver

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