“Little Women” topped topicality chart after 2 weeks of airing… Kim Go-eun ranked first in cast topicality category

“Little Women” took first place in terms of TV drama topicality.

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women” (directed by Kim Hee-won, written by Chung Seo-kyung, produced by Studio Dragon) became a hot work due to its unpredictable development. Oh In-ju (Kim Go-eun), who pursues money, Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun), who seeks the truth, and Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hu), who longs for success, now met at one point called “Wonryong family”. Questions surrounding the “flower of death” blue orchid, which has begun to be unveiled, the whereabouts of 70 billion won in slush funds and the death of Jin Hwa-young (Choo Ja-hyun) are heightening curiosity.

Little Women

Viewers’ reaction is also enthusiastic. “Little Women” took first place in the TV topicality drama category and Kim Go-eun ranked first in the cast topicality category in the second week of September (September 5th to September 11th) announced by Good Data Corporation. While the three sisters’ movements in the spiderweb-like relationship are making waves, we pointed out three mysteries that activated viewers’ reasoning power.

# Wonryong family’s secret orchid room, the secret of the “flower of death” blue orchid in it?

It was Oh In-ju who witnessed the blue orchid among the three sisters. Shin Hyun-min (Oh Jung-se), who was with her in Jin Hwa-young’s house to search for slush funds, left in fear when he saw the blue orchid on one side of the room. It was also found at the accident site of Kim Chul-sung (Cha Yong-hak) and Shin Hyun-min. Amid growing curiosity about blue orchids thrown like a notice at each death scene, a clue appeared in an unexpected place. While investigating the relationship between the Bobae Savings Bank case and Park Jae-sang (Um Ki-joon), Oh In-kyung recognized that Park Jae-sang appeared and handed over the blue orchid in question just before the suicide of bank president Kim Dal-soo (Lee Il-seop). With the help of Ha Jong-ho (Kang Hoon), she even found out that this flower is a rare species called the “ghost of Vietnam”. But there was a twist. Countless blue orchids bloomed in Wonryong family’s secret orchid room to which Won Sang-ah (Uhm Ji-won) brought Oh In-hye.

Little Women

# Choo Ja-hyun’s unsolved suicide mystery

One of the first things Oh In-ju realized after getting 2 billion won was that “If Jin Hwa-young had this money, she would not have committed suicide”. To solve this question, Oh In-ju conducted her own truth-tracking under the pretext of finding slush funds, and soon came to the conclusion that Shin Hyun-min would be the culprit. However, the death of Shin Hyun-min, which she witnessed before her eyes, turned everything upside down. It also evoked a fear that had not been felt before. In the face of fear that she might die, Oh In-ju eventually stopped looking for the truth for a while. However, now that Oh In-ju decided to go to Singapore and follow Jin Hwa-young’s path, it has become a task that must be solved to protect herself.

Little Women

# Kim Go-eun, who got to know “Singapore’s Oh In-ju”

For Oh In-ju, Jin Hwa-young was literally a “no doubt” friend. It was also the reason why she signed an English contract that she did not understand when Jin Hwa-young said she was doing a startup business. However, Jin Hwa-young opened a borrowed-name account in Singapore, stealed 70 billion won and even lived another life under the name of Oh In-ju. Oh In-ju immediately declared a trip to Singapore in the wake of Jin Hwa-young’s new appearance. With 70 billion won, which was like a distant dream, just around the corner, curiosity is focused on what Jin Hwa-young’s truth will be.

Little Women

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